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We Have Alliance

 April 5
 Daily Reading – Joshua 12-14 / Luke 8:1-39


Joshua 14:14 Hebron therefore became the inheritance of Caleb the son of Jephunneh the Kenezite unto this day, because that he wholly followed the LORD God of Israel.


     A Promise is a promise, that is until it’s broken. Today people do not trust people as they once did. It used to be that a man’s word or a handshake was enough to seal any deal. Today you have to sign contracts, give deposits, and have things notarized for a promise to be believed. Even then most people are not sure of a promise until it has been fulfilled. Arbitrators and attorneys have full-time jobs making very good wages sorting out signed contracts that were not fulfilled as promised.

    God had made a promise to Caleb concerning Hebron. Although the previous promises made to him in Numbers 14:24 and Deuteronomy 1:36 do not specifically mention Hebron, it’s clear that everyone understood this to be the place mentioned in today’s passages. Yet even prior to Caleb, God had made an alliance with Abram about this land. In Genesis 13 God tells Abram that all the land that he sees will one day be inhabited by his family. In Genesis 13:18 it says; “Then Abram removed his tent, and came and dwelt in the plain of Mamre, which is in Hebron, and built there an altar unto the LORD.” Way before Caleb was promised by God that he would possess Hebron, God had made a promise to Abram that this place would be Israels land. Even the name “Hebron” means alliance or fellowship. There were no contracts, deposits or notaries. We can always take God at His word. That’s a promise.


  God has made an alliance with believers today. He promises to never leave or forsake us. He promised us a home in heaven. He promised to save us from our sin if we believe in Christ. It’s comforting to know, God always keeps His word.

Do you have real faith in God’s promises?


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