Much Becomes Nothing

 September 19
 Daily Reading – Pro. 26-27 / 2 Cor. 8


Proverbs 27:7 The full soul loatheth an honeycomb; but to the hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet.


      “I’m so full I cannot eat another thing.” Everyone has heard, or probably said those words before. You’ve had so much that if you eat just one more thing you think you’ll explode. Nothing even looks good anymore. In today’s passage, Solomon is using this idea to convey some important truths to his son.

      The full soul, the affluent, those who have need of little in this world, will often also be wasteful. Forgetting what it was like to hunger, thirst, or need help in any way. They also often forget what it’s like to be grateful for the love and help of a friend. To the hungry, the needy, or those who from time to time still need a friends help, every little thing seems to be a great gesture of love. Even the counsel of a good friend is seen as an act of genuine care.

      As a result, those who have so much of this world’s material goods will commonly not see the need for God, salvation, Jesus, or the church. They begin to trust that they have all they will ever need in their earthly possession. While the less affluent of this world often look to the hand of God to supply their every need and rejoice in His smallest of blessings. The wealthy in this world may have all their earthly possession, but they frequently miss out in the blessings of God as He showers his love on those who truly believe.


    Are all wealthy people like that? Think for a moment, who wrote this. It was Solomon, the wealthiest man of his day. It truly isn’t about your pocketbook; it’s about your heart. We must never forget, no mater what we have, God sustains and supplies it all.

Will you be thankful today?



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