October 26, 2020 – Does The Bible Really Say That?

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Does The Bible Really Say That?

October 26, 2020


Proverbs 26:6-10 He that sendeth a message by the hand of a fool cutteth off the feet, and drinketh damage. The legs of the lame are not equal: so is a parable in the mouth of fools. As he that bindeth a stone in a sling, so is he that giveth honour to a fool. As a thorn goeth up into the hand of a drunkard, so is a parable in the mouth of fools. The great God that formed all things both rewardeth the fool, and rewardeth transgressors.


     Have you ever heard someone try to use the Bible for his or her own selfish purpose? Like those who try to defend their daily consumption of alcohol by saying, Jesus drank, or at least made alcohol for others. Truthfully, Jesus did not drink alcohol. Not one verse ever indicates that Jesus ever drank alcohol. In addition, He would never do something that would cause a person to sin. The wine spoke of at the wedding feast was nothing more than modern-day grape juice, the fruit of the vine.

     Lately I have heard that it is ok for a person to be a homosexual because, since God creates all things, God must have created them that way. Again, someone is trying to twist the Word of God. God did create all things. However, He did not create them to be gay, just as He never created anyone to go to hell. He created them to love Him. Homosexuality is a sin. God hates all sin. So therefore, He did not create them to do something or be someone who He would hate. They are choosing to be that way. God never hates people, just our sin.

    Our verses today explain why people do such things with God’s Word. For example, why would it be absurd to bind a stone in a sling? Because a stone is supposed to fly out of the sling, not be bound in it. If it is bound in the sling, it becomes useless. Often a parable, or a portion of the Bible is taken out of context for selfish desires. Doing so teaches a half-truth, or a principle not intended.

   One great problem we see is that those who misuse the Bible, often believe their misunderstandings to be absolutely true. Ultimately, it causes them, and many to suffer the results.


     The Bible has a true meaning and is consistent in its message throughout. It does not say one thing one place and another thing another. God and His Word are the same forever. You can count on it.

GOD TALKING TO ME:  October 26, 2020

  Luke 21 – 22    / Proverbs 26:6-10

  Jeremiah 13-15           /   1 Timothy 5


Living In His Word Ministries

       “Getting people into the Word of God…
                               … and the Word of God into people.”

Dr. Franklin J. Senters Th.D.
Founder and Executive Director
Hebrews 2:12

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