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“Taking the Word Of God to as many people as possible by as many means as possible.”

"Getting people into the Word of God…

              ...and the Word of God into people.”

Our main objective is stated in our purpose statement above. It’s to get people into the Word for God.

When we allow God to speak into our lives daily we are much more in tune with His will for our lives. It also begins to take root in our hearts and by doing so changing our lives. That is the second part of our statement, getting the word of God in to people.

Living In His Word Ministries was founded in 2002 by Dr. Franklin J. Senters, pastor of New Richmond Baptist Church. Shortly after that the first web site was created. It originally contained only his written daily devotions. Over the years it has grown to various means of sharing God’s word, through music, Evangelists, Retreats, public speaking, and oh yes, the daily devotions.

We hope you enjoy the site, and will come back again often. God bless, and STAY IN THE WORD!

Dr. Senters

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