AUGUST 11, 2022 – Faith Plus NOTHING!

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  Faith Plus NOTHING!

AUGUST 11, 2022
Daily Reading – Psa. 33-36 / Rom. 3


Romans 3:28 Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law.


  In an Evangelistic service, during the invitation, the Evangelist gave a clear presentation of the Gospel. From the pulpit he led people in a prayer that, if said from the heart to God, was accepting by faith Christ as Saviour. When finished he asked those who prayed that prayer to come forward. Some did, some did not.
  I was invited later to visit a man who was there. In our conversation he said he wanted to be saved. He believed Christ died for him and His blood paid the price for his sin. He said, “I prayed with the Evangelist, but I am nervous in crowds and did not walk forward.” He feared since he did not come forward, he was not saved. Oh, what joy to share that salvation was not by deeds, works, or a walk, it is by faith. I later baptized this man.


Aren’t you glad we do not earn salvation?

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