December 21 & 22, 2019 – All With One Voice

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All With One Voice

December 21 & 22
December 21 – Zephaniah / Revelation 16
December 21 – NO Daily Reading


Zephaniah 3:9 For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the LORD, to serve him with one consent.


   Today, almost everywhere in the world, we live in multicultural communities. In the city I live in, (Holland, Mi.) there are several different nationalities. Many speak English and/or Spanish around here. We also have some Vietnamese, German, Korean, Japanese, and more. Since Holland was founded as a Dutch community, we still have many families with very close ties to people in the Netherlands. While growing up, I had a friend in school who had moved here in about fourth grade from their. He spoke a little English, as it had been taught in school in the Netherlands. His mom however, spoke little to no English. I could barely understand a thing she would say, and she couldn’t understand me either. When I would say something, she would look at her son Robert and say, “Wat zei hij?” Which means, “what did he say?” I could only hope he told her the truth.

   God caused all this confusion because of man’s disobedience. Way back in Genesis, after the flood, God said that people should move around the planet to populate the world. Instead, they all just stayed in one place. So, at the tower of Babel, He confused peoples languages so they would obey His command and move. However, here in Zephaniah we’re told that in the end, God will give us all one language again. “A pure language.” No one knows what that might be. What we do know, is that we will all, with one voice call upon the Lord.


   I sat in tears, as a congregation of several thousand, mostly Pastors, sang, “How Great Thou Art.” It was like nothing I had ever heard. Now imagine all of heaven with one voice in one language singing the praises of our God. I get chill bumps thinking of it.

Can you imagine the Joy?

Scofield III Burgundy Indexed



    Won’t it be wonderful to gather Around The Throne of the Lord. Over and again we read of The Day of The Lord in:

●  Another Chance
●  Arise, Depart
●  Age Old Question
●  Anger Of The Lord
●  Answer Me, Please
●  All With One Voice

    Following that time, He said He would make all things new. Then, we who are His own will gather Around The Throne to sing praise with one voice. Amen.


        Today we suggest you read and study whatever the Lord has laid on your Pastors heart. Whatever scripture he uses for today’s messages were given to him by God for your specific needs

December 23, 2019     Haggai Revelation 17
December 24, 2019     Zechariah 1-3 Revelation 18
December 25, 2019     Zechariah 4-6 Revelation 19
December 26, 2019     Zechariah 7-10 Revelation 20
December 27, 2019     Zechariah 11-14 Revelation 21
December 28, 2019     Malachi Revelation 22
December 29, 2019     No Passages Assigned  

It says in
Revelation 21:5

And he that sat upon
the throne said, Behold,
I make all things new.
And he said unto me,
Write: for these words are
true and faithful.”

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Hebrews 2:12

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