June 21, 2019 – Duty With Many Interests

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Duty With Many Interests

 June 21
 Daily Reading – 1 Chron. 26-27 / Acts 2:1-36


1 Chronicles 26:12 Among these were the divisions of the porters, even among the chief men, having wards one against another, to minister in the house of the LORD.


      Some of the ministries in the church today are hard to find in the bible. There are not any Sunday School teachers listed as such in the bible. However, we do find the instruction to teach the word of God, and over the years churches have found that graded classes on a Sunday morning is a wonderful way to do that. Therefore, the need for Sunday School teachers within the church is vital to that ministry. Missions Board Director is also not found written in the pages of God Word. Yet we are commanded as the Church to go into all the world a preach the gospel. To do so, we need these wonderful Ambassadors for the Lord and the church going out to various regions of the world. To make sure that the missionaries are continually presented to the church and the church is presented to the missionaries we have a Missions Board and a Director of that Board.

      The role of Greeter is not mentioned as such either. Yet, this position is found under another title in scripture. They are called the Porters, a duty with many interests. There was a group of porters assigned to each of the many gates. They were to open and secure these gates. Another responsibility the Porter had was to guard against unwanted intruders. They also had the task of assisting worshipers with any needs they might have in worship and were considered encouragers as well. That sure sounds like today’s Church Ushers and Greeters to me.


    Every person serving in any capacity within the church, has more going on behind the scenes than most of us can imagine. So when you see someone serving in church, remember to thank them for their sacrifice of service to the Church and the Lord.

Who will you thank this week?

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