June 28, 2019 – Worldly Relations

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Worldly Relations

 June 28
 Daily Reading – 2 Chron. 14-17 / Acts 6


2 Chronicles 16:9 For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him. Herein thou hast done foolishly: therefore from henceforth thou shalt have wars.


      Every day we are faced with decisions. What do I have for breakfast? What clothes should I wear? Many of these decisions may not seem important, but we never know. For example, one lady every year, when fixing the Christmas ham, cut two inches off each end before placing it in the baking pan. Her husband asked; “Why do you do that?” She said, “Mom always did that, so I do.” She called her mom and asked why she did that. Her mom said; “your grandma always did that, so I did too.” So she called grandma and asked why did you always cut two inches off the ham before cooking it?” Grandma said; “Oh dear, I did so because the only pan I had to bake with was too small for the ham, so I cut some off each end to make it fit.”

      Asa, King of Judah, enjoyed years of peace in his nation. This peace resulted from his decision to follow God, and to lead Judah to do the same. 2 Chron. 14:5-6 said the kingdom was quiet before him because the Lord had given him rest. Even when there was a huge battle with the Ethiopians, Asa called upon and trusted in God, and God delivered for him a huge defeat. Yet, later in his reign, when another battle came up, instead of trusting God again, he called upon the worldly Syrians for help. In 2 Chron. 16:7-9 he was told; because you did not rely on the God who has always blessed you and defended you, but instead trusted in worldly relations, your days of peace are over


    I love the song, “This World Is Not My Home.” It reminds me that, even though I dwell in this place called earth, I have a Heavenly Father who loves and watches out for me while I’m here, until I get HOME. Man will let you down, but God will lift you UP!

Who do you rely on for daily help?

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