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Before I Go…

March 12
Daily Reading – Numbers 28-29 / Mark 13


Numbers 29:40 And Moses told the children of Israel according to all that the LORD commanded Moses.


    For those of you who are parents, try to recall the first time you left your first child with someone who was not a relative. You made a list of all the places you could possibly imagine that they might need to be called if things did not go well. The names and numbers of each place you’re going to be that night. All the emergency phone numbers for the area doctor, hospital , fire department, and police. At least two other relatives and a couple people from the church if they could not reach you. There were instructions on how to change a diaper, burp a baby, what time they were to go to bed, the temperature of the formula and the list goes on. Then, after writing all that down, you rehearsed to them when they got there as if they could not read. After which, you had them repeat it back to you so you know they heard you. Then just to be safe, you called home every half hour to see how things were going. It is your baby after all and you just wanted to know it was well taken care of.

  Moses was told in chapter 27, go up. look into the promised land and you will be gathered up to your people. You would have almost thought that by the end of the chapter, Moses would have been gone. However, there were a few hundred details that God has him rehearse in the ears of the children of Israel before he goes. It appears that God cares very much for his children. From the first to the last.


      Jesus told the disciples, before I go this is how you share the gospel and build a church. He taught them how to pray. Finally, He impressed upon their hearts through the Holy Spirit, to leave us a list of things He knew we’d need. It’s called the bible.

How much to you think God cares?


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