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Boundaries Are Given

March 15
Daily Reading – Numbers 34-35 / Mark 14:43-72


Numbers 34:2 Command the children of Israel, and say unto them, When ye come into the land of Canaan; (this is the land that shall fall unto you for an inheritance, even the land of Canaan with the coasts thereof:)


    We all live with boundaries. They are all around us. Some are physical boundaries. Our homes or apartments have walls and doors which make up the boundaries of our living space. These boundaries give us a sense of security and ownership. Our personal belongings are kept inside the boundaries of our home. Once we move inside the home, more boundaries are created. Bedrooms are private areas that are off limits to guests coming in our home. These are boundaries we all welcome and enjoy. As a little boy, my parents said I could go outside to play, but not to leave the yard. There was no fence, but I knew where the edge of the property was and where NOT TO GO. This was for my safety. Boundaries help us know what is ours, and where we should feel safe and protected.

  In today’s passage, God shares with Israel just where the boundaries of this promised land are. He explains not only the outer edge of what is to be the Nation of Israel, but also how to divide it up once they move in. All the boundaries were set up by God so they could know what He had given them, and they could feel safe and protected inside these boundaries. God said these boundaries are special. This is not just your new home Israel, but also mine. In Numbers 35:34 He says; “Defile not therefore the land which ye shall inhabit, wherein I dwell: for I the LORD dwell among the children of Israel.”


    God has given us some boundaries to live within as believers. These boundaries are not fences, but are meant to let us know we are safe and protected. You see, our bodies are not just what we live in, but God moved in there too.

Are we keeping His place undefiled?


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