May 24, 2019 – Guarded And Mistaken

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Guarded And Mistaken

 May 24
 Daily Reading – 1 Kings 18-19 / John 8:1-30


1 Kings 18:21 And Elijah came unto all the people, and said, How long halt ye between two opinions? if the LORD be God, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him. And the people answered him not a word.


      Ok, now what do I do? Yup, we have all been there. A decision has to be made, yet we are just not sure what to do. Many times our problem in deciding something has a lot to do with the people that our decision may affect. If we do this, these people will be happy, but some others may not. If we go the other way, just the opposite is true. What should I do? It’s in these situations we find that many people will decide to guard their opinion and saying nothing at all. One big problem with that is, then both sides see you as indecisive and wishy washy. What to do?

Elijah has just given the children of Israel this same ultimatum. Follow God, or follow Baal. If they choose to follow the God of Elijah, then many of their friends and neighbors will be mad. They may not get invited to the next neighborhood barbecue. However, if they choose Baal, well then if Elijah’s God is real, they might become the next item barbecued. What to do, what to do. So they did what many people still do today when faced with a tough decision. They do nothing. Our verse today says; “…And the people answered him not a word.” They were not willing to stand up for God. Later, when God proves himself to everyone with fire from heaven we find them on their faces before God in 1 Kings 18:39 crying out; “…The LORD, he is God.” Why, well everyone was doing it and they were scared. When given a choice they followed the crowd.


    Standing up for Christ may not always be easy. Guarding what we say may seem right. However, when we do, no one hears of our wonderful Saviour’s willingness to save. We live a guarded, but mistaken life.

What will you do?

Stand Up, Stand out, or stand mute?


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