Novmeber 22, 2019 – Violent Storms Ahead

Violent Storms Ahead

 November 22
 Daily Reading – Ezekiel 28-31 / James 5


Ezekiel 30:1-3 The word of the LORD came again unto me, saying, Son of man, prophesy and say, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Howl ye, Woe worth the day! For the day is near, even the day of the LORD is near, a cloudy day; it shall be the time of the heathen.


      Years ago, I was with a group of children, teens, and adults at a Bible Camp secluded in a wooded area not far from our church. Suddenly something happened and children were crying and screaming. Adults ran for cover. Some began to panic and their cries caused unsettled feelings in others around them. What happened? Did a wild animal scare them? No, it was not an animal. Did a cabin collapse or tree fall to cause this fear? No not that either. It was a dark cloud descending rapidly on the camp and strong winds blowing things around. It came from nowhere, with little warning. Some feared it was a tornado sweeping through the area that we were unaware of. Had we been near a radio or TV, we might have heard of its approach and been able to plan accordingly. In a short while, it blew over and things were fine. However for a while, there was a bit of tension in the air.

      Fear often strikes the heart of people during dark and stormy times. Especially if they come up unannounced. Repeatedly in in Ezekiel we read; “The word of the Lord came unto me.” Following each one there’s a prophecy of what was to come. Many of these prophesies, have been fulfilled, some have been partially fulfilled. Yet, not one detail has ever been left out. The prophecies of the Lord always come true as they are given. This leaves us to know, the rest are still to come. God says cloudy days and violent storms are ahead for the lost.


    With no plan for the future, many stroll along as if nothing will ever happen. To them, it will seem as if there was no warning for these violent storms. Yet, a storm is coming, you can plan on it. Live life today, but plan for eternity. To do so you must live your life in Christ

Are you ready?



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