Novmeber 25, 2019 – What’s That I Hear?

What’s That I Hear?

 November 25
 Daily Reading – Ezekiel 36-38 / 1 Peter 2


Ezekiel 36:26 A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh.


      Have you ever been around a couple, they hear a song playing, they look at each other and say, “That’s our song.” Did they write it? Did they buy the rights to it? Is it only their song? Most likely not. What they mean is that song has a special meaning to them. It reminds them of a day or place they were together when they heard it. It became their special song. In church we sing a song; “There’s a New Song in My Heart.” But why a new song? Have you developed a craving for Psalms and Hymns? Did all your old musical tastes go out the window? Probably not. Yet, there’s a new desire to sing praises to God. Why?

      Well if you think about it you’ll realize, a song is really a group of words put together by someone to convey a certain idea or belief. Every song (that’s worth anything at all) has some message. You might ask about concertos or sonnets, songs that have no words. Yet, even these pieces of music seem to convey a mood that the originator intended.

      Why is there a new song in your heart? Well that’s simple. Jesus now resides in your heart in the person of the Holy Spirit. In John 1:14 it says that Jesus, “the Word was made flesh.So, if Jesus is in your heart, there’s a new set of words in your heart. Words that tell a new story. A story of love, peace, joy, and of eternal life. You have a new story in your heart. Therefore, you have a new song.


    Music brings back memories. Yet, we all need a new song in our hearts. A new composer, writing a new song. God puts a song there that brings joy to our soul. Sing unto the Lord a new song. Let all that have breath praise His name. There’s a new song in our heart.

Do you hear a new song?



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