Novmeber 8, 2019 – Time To Set Sail

Time To Set Sail

 November 8
 Daily Reading – Jeremiah 46-48 / Hebrews 6


Jeremiah 48:12 Therefore, behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will send unto him wanderers, that shall cause him to wander, and shall empty his vessels, and break their bottles.


      As a Pastor, I’ve heard the comment during counseling, “How’d we get so far from the truth?” It seemed they were going in the right direction in life. It appeared things were right on course. Then somehow, they found their life in trouble and turmoil. Wondering how did this happen.

      Their life is much like a ship setting sail on an Ocean voyage. All mechanical operations of the ship are all functioning correctly, so they set sail. There’s only one problem. The compass they are traveling by is one degree off. While traveling things look, and work ok. However, they end up at the wrong destination. How did that happen? They were navigating by faulty equipment. It wasn’t right. It wasn’t true.

      Our verse today says God, because of their sinfulness and rebellion, was going to send into their lives “wanderers.” People with no purpose. So, where will the wanderers lead them? Who knows? A wanderer has no direction. They wander. It’s like the blind, leading the blind. The wanderer leads the trusting soul nowhere. Then at the end of wandering, you have nothing. They empty your vessel, your life is spent wasted, traveling down the wrong road. People can lead you off course. The wrong leader with the wrong message will lead you to a wrong outcome. Sin can sidetrack your life. Worldly desires can direct your life toward ruin. Today we must keep watch for the wanderers.


    The best way to know if something’s phony is to know the original so well you can’t be fooled. God’s Word is the truth. It’s the original. Come to know it so well that no wanderer could lead you off course. Know God.

Where is your life headed today,

and who are you following?



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