October 1, 2019 – Open My Eyes

Open My Eyes

 October 1
 Daily Reading – Song of So. 4-6 / Gal. 6


Song of Solomon 5:9 What is thy beloved more than another beloved, O thou fairest among women? what is thy beloved more than another beloved, that thou dost so charge us?


      In marriage counseling, many times you’ll find, if you will call into question the goodness of the spouse, well often the argument is almost over. For example; let’s say a couple comes in arguing over, “who cares” what. After some initial get acquainted conversation the counselor may say to one of the two something like, “well I can see that your partner is absolutely worthless and probably the worst person on the planet, right?” To which, a good share of the time the answer will be in the line of, “well I wouldn’t go that far.” Continuing with the antagonizing, the counselor responds with, “well you just told me how rotten they were, why in the world did you two get together in the first place?” This will often lead them down memory lane and out flows a long list of good qualities about their partner. Soon after that you have two people who have just said in the presence of the other why they fell love them to begin with. Now, when you go back to the original conflict, it often seems so insignificant and manageable.

      In today’s passage, the Shulamite bride finds herself disheartened in the new marriage. In Song or Sol. 5:6-8 she is complaining about the fact that he has left her and she feels alone. Then in verse 9 the women of the city ask, “What is thy beloved more than another beloved,” or, why is he so great anyway? Suddenly her eyes are open and it calls to memory the many reasons why she loves him.


    I know it may seem like a long while since Christ went back to heaven, but let me ask you, why did you fall in love with Him in the first place? Sometimes a simple question can open our eyes and refresh our love for the one we miss.

So why did you fall in love with Jesus?



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