October 14, 2020 – Come Up, Put Down

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Come Up, Put Down

October 14, 2020


Proverbs 25:4-7 Take away the dross from the silver, and there shall come forth a vessel for the finer. Take away the wicked from before the king, and his throne shall be established in righteousness. Put not forth thyself in the presence of the king, and stand not in the place of great men: For better it is that it be said unto thee, Come up hither; than that thou shouldest be put lower in the presence of the prince whom thine eyes have seen.


    Have you ever been embarrassed? If we were honest, we would all have to say we have been embarrassed about something at one time or another. What is the cause of embarrassment in the first place? Do we get embarrassed when we are alone and we sing a wrong note, or spill our coffee? Do we get embarrassed when we are by ourselves and we make a bad stroke in golf or trip over the edge of a rug? No, normally the emotion felt at those times would not be called embarrassment. If anything, we get angry with our self or frustrated, but not embarrassed. Why is that? It is because there is no one there by which to be embarrassed. 

    So, what then is it that causes us to get embarrassed? It must be we do not want people to think less of us, to find us incompetent, or goofy in some way. It is sort of a pride issue. We all take pride in being good at what we do. Embarrassment comes when we mess up at what may seem then to others to be a simple thing. Nevertheless, eventually we all mess up.

    One thing we do not have to mess up at is arrogant pride. That type of pride which says, “Hey look at me.” That boastful, bragging, self-elevating pride that drives people away. Nobody wants to be around a bragger for too long. Today’s passage says it’s better to have someone else recognize you and your abilities and say, “come up hither,” than to be embarrassed or  “put lower” in front of everyone else.


    1 Peter 5:6,7 says, “Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time: Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.” As Christians, we must let God be the one to exalt us in His own way and in His own time.

GOD TALKING TO ME:  October 14, 2020

  Luke 1 – 2     /   Proverbs 25:4-7

  Isa. 42-44           /     Col. 3

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