October 24, 2019 – Read, Study, And Obey

Read, Study, And Obey

 October 24
 Daily Reading – Jer. 4-6 / 1 Tim. 1


Jeremiah 5:15 Lo, I will bring a nation upon you from far, O house of Israel, saith the LORD: it is a mighty nation, it is an ancient nation, a nation whose language thou knowest not, neither understandest what they say.


      I live in a multi-cultural community. Each group brings with them part of their culture, and many, their own language. Now friends, I have enough trouble with English, let alone try to be like Apostle Paul who spoke many languages. I’ve been on an elevator with people speaking another language, and immediately felt uneasy. I’ve also been out visiting in neighborhoods, knocked on a door and had someone greet me that didn’t speak English. Have you ever noticed that everyone becomes a sign language expert when a person does not understand them? Or for some reason we think if we yell the words they don’t understand, somehow that will help.

      Communication is something we all need in our life. Not only to be understood, but also to understand what people are saying. In today’s verse we read that God sent a nation to capture Israel, “a nation whose language thou knowest not, neither understandest what they say.” The children of Israel could not plead for help, mercy or anything. They didn’t speak the language. Nor could they respond to any of their commands because they didn’t understand them. For many, this became a death sentence as they were viewed as rebellious. God’s word is clear and understandable. Yet, we must be willing to listen, read, study, and obey exactly what it says. To enjoy life we must communicate with God and with others, clearly, and in love.


    It’s never enough to just say words if they mean nothing to your hearer. Don’t be afraid to ask for an explanation or to be sure your words were understood. It’s easier to take a moment to be clear, than to spend a day of apologizing later.

Has God’s Word been made clear to you?



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