SEPTEMBER 22, 2023 – My Dream World

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My Dream World

SEPTEMBER 22, 2023
Daily Reading – Pro. 28-29 / 2 Cor. 9-10


Proverbs 29:2 When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.


        Could you imagine a world with no crime? There would be no murders, no theft, no rape, and no crime of any type anywhere. What a different world this would be. There would be no need for police. Since there is no crime of any kind, when City officials hung traffic signals and signs, people would just obey them. There would be no need for military might. Every country would abide by borders agreed upon by other countries and their people. In addition, since there is no crime, all any country would need would be civil laws. No women or children would ever be abused, and no over taxing of citizens. Taxes and tax laws would be just, and all people would be glad to pay their share to help support this perfect government. No one would cheat on taxes so we would have no need for the IRS. A few accountants to count the money and deposit it in the banks would suffice. The FBI, CIA and all such agencies would be extinct. Finally, the evening news would have to report on some good things for a change.

        You have probably sat there saying, “Right preacher, in your dreams.” You are right, it is within my dreams. I look forward to a place called heaven where God rules and there is no more sin. Oops, I am sorry. We do not like to call it sin anymore now do we. Instead, we would rather just call it crime or social imbalance. It just sounds less religious. How wonderful this world would be if we had no sin. 


        Sadly, there is still sin in the world today. Our nation’s leaders need our prayers as they do their best to lead us to a safer and happier place to live. God is still in control, but He has given us the duty to self-govern. Let us all pray for Godly leadership.

Will you support our leaders in prayer?

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