SEPTEMBER 26, 2023 – Never Alone

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Never Alone

SEPTEMBER 26, 2023
Daily Reading – Ecc. 3-4 / 2 Cor. 13


Ecclesiastes 4:9 Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour.



        It has been said before that many people who pass away in nursing homes do so not from illness or even old age. The cause of their death has been attributed to loneliness. They have the feeling that no one cares about them anymore because no one comes to visit them, and they just give up and quit living. How sad that a generation of people who gave so much, feel now as though no one cares. Solomon, in his study of what brings satisfaction to man found so many things that were of little or no help at all. Yet in Ecclesiastes 4 he does mention something that is beneficial to all. A friend.

        Solomon points out that having a friend to help you is a blessing in so many ways. He says that two seem to get more done together than either could alone. That if one was to fall, there is someone to help them up. If they are cold, they can huddle together and let the others body heat help to warm them. Also, if they are attacked, there is someone there to come to their defense. However, at the end of Ecc. 4:12 Solomon goes then from 2 folks together to having a third in the mix when he says, “…and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” It is good to have a friend, but it is better to have a friend and both of you know Jesus. Jesus said, He would never leave you nor forsake you. You are never alone when you know Christ. The reality of this is so profound that God in His infinite wisdom built the church just for you. 



        Not everything Solomon searched out proved to bring real satisfaction. Most he claimed was vanity, or emptiness compared to life. Yet, having a Christian friend is so rewarding. Not only do you enjoy one another now, but also throughout eternity.

Will you be that friend to someone?


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