September 29, 2020 – Envy Destroys

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Envy Destroys

September 29, 2020


Proverbs 24:1-2 Be not thou envious against evil men, neither desire to be with them. For their heart studieth destruction, and their lips talk of mischief.


     The riches of the world can entice anyone. You might be saying, “No, not me.” However, if someone came up with just the right offer, it could even be you. It is often not so much a desire to be filthy rich, just richer. It is not to have it all, just more. It is not to be the greatest, just better. What drives most people today is the thought of, “I just want a little more.” Most people today are a little better off than they were five or ten years ago. Yet isn’t it funny we still want just a little more. The question then is, when does it ever end?

     Being successful and having things, even by the world’s standards, is not in itself a sin. However, falling into the trap of allowing our desires to take over to the point where we will do almost anything to get more, is when it becomes greed and sin.

     The Bible warns us against wanting so much that we end up following after or joining with sinful men to get it. Why? It’s because their end will be destruction. Prov. 24:20 says, “For there shall be no reward to the evil man.”

     The world has little in common with you as a Christian. They desire to glorify self, while you should be glorifying God. Their desire is to lay up treasure here on earth, and yours should be to lay up treasures in heaven. They will compromise anything to get ahead; you should never be willing to compromise your testimony to get anything. They love man and want what man can offer; you love God and all He offers. They want people to help them get ahead in life; you want to help people get ahead in this life and eternally. There is little you have in common except this, both of you have eternal life. One has chosen eternal life in heaven with Christ; one has by default chosen an eternal life in hell.


     As you make decisions which may seem very innocent on the surface, remember, what you decide today and whom you decide to do it with, may make a difference in your life, and the lives of others for years to come. Let’s be thankful for what God has given us today and be not envious of the world.

GOD TALKING TO ME:  September 29, 2020

  Matthew 13 – 14     /     Proverbs 24:1-2

  Song of So. 5-8    /   Gal. 6

The Scofield Study Bible  - Gen. Lea. Black

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