APRIL 17, 2020 – Some New Old Stuff

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Some New Old Stuff

April 17, 2020


Proverbs 10:10-13 He that winketh with the eye causeth sorrow: but a prating fool shall fall. The mouth of a righteous man is a well of life: but violence covereth the mouth of the wicked. Hatred stirreth up strifes: but love covereth all sins. In the lips of him that hath understanding wisdom is found: but a rod is for the back of him that is void of understanding.


     Archeologists are continually finding new old stuff. In addition, the older the thing is that they find, the more valuable it is. In fact, you might go so far as to say, if they could find the oldest thing in the universe that ever existed, they would have the most valuable thing ever in their possession. Well, if you’ll tell everyone, I’ll tell you where it is. It is written in the pages of God’s Word. It’s Wisdom, in the person of Jesus Christ.

     Wisdom was with Christ before the earth was ever created. Now I know, this will be hard to imagine. For people who are so time conscious today, it will be almost impossible for us to think about a time before time was. However, before there was the concept of earth, time, space, people, or anything else, wisdom was there in Christ. Before He created even one angel, wisdom was there. Before the trinity even created one planet in the entire universe, wisdom was there. God’s wisdom is what conceived of, created, designed, developed, and keeps it all together, as well as running smoothly, all we can even imagine.

     Our verses say; “In the lips of him that hath understanding wisdom is found:” All that we ever were, are today, and ever hope to be, is wrapped up in the wisdom of God. When time is no more, there will still be wisdom. When earth as we know it ceases to exist, there will still be wisdom.

     The most valuable thing in all of time and eternity, and always will be, is Godly Wisdom. It was back in the Bible times, and still is today. The best part is this. You can have some of it today if you want it. Do you want to own some Old New Stuff?


     James 1:5 says this; “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.” Get some of God’s wisdom through His Word today.

GOD TALKING TO ME:  April 17, 2020

  1 Kings 2 – 4     /     Proverbs 10:10-13

  Judges 19-20    /   Luke 14

The Scofield Study Bible  - Gen. Lea. Black

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