February 18 & 19, 2023 – Holiness Vs. Leprosy

  Holiness Vs. Leprosy

 February 18 & 19, 2023
 February 18 – Daily Reading – Leviticus 12-13 / Matthew 28
 February 19 – NO READING




Leviticus 13:44 He is a leprous man, he is unclean: the priest shall pronounce him utterly unclean; his plague is in his head.



    The Bible is full of things which depict something else. Israel wandering in the wilderness is a great picture of the lost sinner wandering around lost in their sin. God led Israel into the promised land, and the person who accepts Christ as their Saviour is led by Him into our promised land of heaven someday. The lamb which is slain for the sin of man is a perfect example of Jesus, the Lamb of God laying down His life for the sin of humanity. While Israel’s wandering is not our wandering, it depicts it, and their entrance into the promise land is not us entering heaven but it depicts it. Just as there are some things that represent the sin of man such as leaven that we spoke of a couple of days ago.


     Leprosy, in the time of the children of Israel’s wandering, was an incurable disease as some cancers are to us today. While also Leprosy is not sin, the treatment of it and the seriousness of it is a wonderful picture of sin. It was a poison found in the blood just as sin in man is found in us at our birth passed down from man to man, we are born in sin. Leprosy began in small little ways and then spread. Just as sin often begins manifesting itself in small ways and spreads. Lepers were sent away from the camp as sin must be sent away from our life. I guess one of the greatest resemblances was only God could heal the leper. We find often when lepers would come to Him, He did just that.



    When Holiness vs. Leprosy, Holiness always wins. Only God is completely Holy, and He is also omnipotent, all-powerful. Whatever your battle remember, God’s Holiness outshines them all.

What mountain have you been facing that
God and His Holiness may need to overcome?



    Holiness, dedication to the Lord and separation from worldliness will always bring Peace to our soul. Peace with God equals Peace of God. As seen in:


● Holiness To The Lord
● Holiness In Our Loving
● Holiness In Our Living
● Holiness And Leaven
● Holiness In Leadership
● Holiness Vs. Leprosy

    He demands it in our lives, and friend, He deserves it from our life.


     Enjoy today with your church and hear what God has prepared in the heart of His man for you this week.

   See you tomorrow.  



    Today we suggest you read and study whatever the Lord has laid on your Pastors heart. Whatever scripture he uses for today’s messages were given to him by God for your specific needs.


February 20, 2023 Leviticus 14 Mark 1:1-20
February 21, 2023 Leviticus 15-17 Mark 1:21 – 45
February 22, 2023 Leviticus 18-19     Mark 2
February 23, 2023 Leviticus 20- 22 Mark 3
February 24, 2023 Leviticus 23- 24 Mark 4:1 – 20
February 25, 2023 Leviticus 25 Mark 4:21 – 41
February 26, 2023 No Passages Assigned  

Holiness Equals Happiness

  We sing songs…

“Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God almighty.”

“Silent Night Holy Night”

“Sweet Holy Spirit…”

Do we think about God’s Holiness
when we sing these Songs?

We should.

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