May 27, 2019 – That’s What He Said

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That’s What He Said

 May 27
 Daily Reading – 1 Kings 22 / John 9:1-23


1 Kings 22:14 And Micaiah said, As the LORD liveth, what the LORD saith unto me, that will I speak.


      I read recently a humorous story about a man who was at an auction. On the auction block was one of the most beautiful Parrots the man had ever seen. He had not come with the idea of buying anything, however, when the bidding started at one hundred dollars, He couldn’t resist. Suddenly from somewhere toward the front he heard “two hundred!” The auctioneer said, “I have two hundred do I hear three.” So the man raised his paddle and hollered; “three.” Almost as sudden as he had bid someone else yelled, “four hundred.” This went on for some time, his pride and competitive spirit not allowing him to stop. Finally he won the bid at one thousand dollars. At the end of the auction he went up to pay for the bird and take him home. As he was writing the check he said, “I sure hope this bird can talk after all that.” “Oh,he can talk alright,” said the auctioneer, “who do you think was doing the bidding against you?” You know that parrots only repeat what they have heard someone else say. When it comes to God’s word, we might learn something from the parrot.

      Micaiah the prophet was asked to agree with other prophets in what he would say to the king. Micaiah said, “…what the LORD saith unto me, that will I speak.” What God’s word says today may not be popular with society and their desires of life. However, it’s still the truth and still what God said. Does anyone want a cracker?


    We need to share the truth, however the bible says, we need to do it in love. Sometimes the truth can be harsh and hard to hear. However, if someone knows we are telling them the truth because we care for them, it is easier to hear.

Will you show people you care, before you share?


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Author of LIHW Daily Devotions, and President of Living In His Word Ministries.

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